Thursday, June 11, 2009

ultrasounds and gumball fish tanks

We had a second ultrasound yesterday to do some more measuring. Apparently our little girl doesn't like to cooperate because we might have to go back yet again. I don't mind. The more pictures the better. I swear she looks just like my son with that precious little nose.

I realize the photo is pretty bad quality and that is because it was taken with my cell phone. My computer monitor died so I am using my husband's laptop which doesn't have a scanner. Hopefully my new screen will be in soon.

While leaving the doctor's office I passed an office with the coolest fish tank. Have you ever noticed that almost every doctor's office has a plant or betta fish? Anyways, this betta tank was a gumball machine. I asked where they purchased it and of course it was purchased by a friend of a friend so many years ago so no luck there.

I googled and found this tank on flickr. They converted it into a fish tank which is probably beyond my abilities. My son has a betta that we have been wanting to move to his room once we move and this tank would be PERFECT! I will continue my quest. Maybe I will come across something better (doubtful).

Should I be worrying about gumball fish tanks when we are moving in our new house next week? Maybe I will do some packing today to make up for my hour of fish tank searching.


Dee said...

Hi,I found your site via Just a your son's monster room. Regarding the gumball fish tank, check out Thrifty Decor Chick, she made one and includes a tout on her blog


Lacy said...

Thanks Dee! I will definitely check it out.

Rhonda Gail said...