Tuesday, January 15, 2008

embarrassing moments

Thanks to a post over at Mommy Knows about embarrassing moments I decided to take a few minutes to share mine.

After much thought I can remember quite a few embarrassing moments. So here's an old one.

I was going into high school and HAD to look my best and so after weeks of asking (begging) my mom for a cute pair of heals I got my wish. I decided to wear them on my first day of school. You know, to get off on the right foot. ha ha...ok, cheesy.

On the first day of school I walked to the bus since there is no way in hell I would be caught dead being dropped off by my mom. So I met up with some friends and we walked to the bus. Our neighbors were landscaping their backyard and had rocks all over the street and I managed to step on one and went down. I scraped up my knee pretty bad and was bleeding. Ok, so I was a little disappointed but I carried on, and rubbed it off and acted cool.

I got to school and was ready to strut myself when I noticed the varsity football team sitting in the outdoor court area. I had that "I'm too sexy...on the catwalk" song going and I was working it. The guys were definitely noticing me and they were checking out my legs.

Ohhhh, Yeah!!!

Wait, they were really checking out my legs. I looked down only to notice that I was still bleeding and my knee was gushing blood down my leg resembling a horror flick. And as I was looking down I tripped on some uneven bricks and fell...hard. It was awful. I wanted to just lie there and die but luckily one the hot guys came and helped me up. I managed to cut up the other knee this time and needed to go to the school nurse to get bandages because the blood wouldn't stop. I was late to my first class and walked in with about 6 bandaids on each knee (thanks to the school nurse who only carries giant maxi pads and small bandaids). Awkward.

Years later I had blocked this memory from my mind when my best friend introduced me to her new boyfriend (a senior on the varsity team). When he said he knew who I was I assumed that it was because of my great rep. He responded with something like, "You're that chick that ate it on the first day of school. Dude, did you ever stop bleeding?"

Nice. Those shoes met the trash that day.


MommyKnows said...

hahaha ... and OUCH!

I hear you ... I fell down the concrete steps of our local NHL arena at a John Cougar Mellencamp concert. The paramedics put big white bandages on my knees that looked like knee pads.

I had many crude 'offers' ALL night long!


Lacy said...

lol...that is hilarious.

Diario de Elysia said...

STFU? But girl, you know that was funny, huh? :SNORT:

Oh the joys of a cruel push into the world of fashion faux paux's!