Thursday, January 3, 2008

A little behind

I am a little behind on the Christmas photos but better late than never (words I live by). You will get my New Years post next month. j/k

We had my family come out for Christmas and it was great. My in-laws are coming this weekend to celebrate a late Christmas with us. My son was overwhelmed with constant attention and presents everywhere he turned and he loved every minute of it. His 'thing' right now is Hot Wheels, cars, and trains. Basically anything that can go fast or crash. Gotta love boys, right? He got a ton of cars, race tracks, train tracks, etc. He is set for quite some time and my house is bursting at the seams with toys.
My husband and I usually get a big gift for the house (this year a new tv) and then some stocking stuffers or little things adding up to about $50-$100 max. From everyone I got some new books that I have wanted for a while, some make-up, a digital frame, margarita mix (my husband knows what makes mama happy), bath & body stuff, etc.
It was yet another great year and my son is still singing Jingle Bells and wishing everyone a "Merr-wee Cist-mas!

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