Friday, January 4, 2008

North Dakota?

The transfers have opened and we must have lost our minds because we are thinking about putting in a transfer to Grand Forks, North Dakota. I know...crazy. We live in the hottest place in the US year round and as I type this I am wearing capris and a short sleeved tee with sandals. Neither my husband or I have ever lived in he snow and we are a little afraid of whether we will make it or not.
Another concern we have with Grand Forks is flooding. Every time I google Grand Forks I get numerous pictures of the flood of '97. It's very scary. Yeah, they have since put up barriers, and secured this or that so that it won't happen again.
To be honest our options of places to transfer are slim and most are very rural. I like a small town but I need to be able to drive down to Target on a whim to buy something I don't need. Grand Forks seems to have that and what's more important is that we can buy a huge and beautiful home for the same price as a townhouse down here in the southwest. And the schools are better, life is slower, and you get to know your neighbors. Ok, so it sounds like I am sold on this place, right? We'll see in a few months if we were selected to transfer. At least it will be spring when (if) we move and we won't go into snow shock (a new condition I just made up).


MommyKnows said...

Hmmm ... did you decide yet?

Cocoa Dreams said...

Well you know that they still have lots of snow in the spring right? It doesn't start melting off till June:) Well if you end up hating ND you can always transfer back out right?


Lacy said...

Yes, we decided to just go for it. Thanks for reading!

Chasley, we can probably come back down south but it would be a few years.