Thursday, September 11, 2008


had a whole lotta corn growing! There was a lot of farmland and not many towns along the way. We did manage to stop in a very small roadside town and have an outdoor picnic for lunch while some locals fished in the nearby lake. It was a much needed outdoor break after spending so much time in the car.
Look at all those bugs on my car!!
This state is also now referred to as the road construction state by my husband. After reading what a great place it is to live in I was disappointed. We stayed in Lincoln which was the most confusing city to navigate through. After driving for what seemed like eternity through the city we finally just got a hotel, did laundry, ordered in a pizza and went swimming. The next day we drove through Omaha and just kept driving. Nebraska seemed like the type of state where you need to know exactly where you are going in order to enjoy it.

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