Sunday, January 25, 2009

and so we meet again

We are back from Minneapolis feeling much better than we did last time. This trip was fun and although there was business (if you call trying to diagnose your child business) we played a lot. Unfortunately, we still can't seem to find a diagnosis so we will keep working and I will leave it at that. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
But like I said....we played. We went to the aquarium in the Mall of America which was very cool. We saw sharks, octopus, an alligator, huge water turtles, and we pet sharks and sting rays. My son loved it so much we went again later that day. Gotta love those all day passes. We shopped (or better yet, I did most of the shopping) and enjoyed good food. It was a nice yet quick trip.
I didn't have much time before we left to get much done but I really wanted a new purse/ bag for the trip. It always feels good to have something new, right? So I quickly stitched together this hobo bag. I wasn't too sure about it at first but the more I use it the more I love it. It's so spacious and I have received a lot of compliments. When it comes to purses, I am a bag lady.



Cute purse. Glad you and your family had a good time considering...


Diario de Elysia said...

I work a girl from Wisconsin and she saida snow blower is your best friend. I really hated how the snow turned to ice and it stuck to teh pavement. what a B**ch to get off. Blah!

I love Aquariums. Glad you all had a nice time. I am praying for your little man! I bet you are just beside yourself not knowing what's going on in him!

Do you watch Man vs. Wild? Well he was left in Siberia, and his thermometer read -36 degrees, and all I could think about was ya'll, huddling arounf a fire..teeth chattering! LOL

That purse is da bomb! Love the browns, I am into browns, and the pattern is v. cool.

Miss Marnie said...

Hi Lacy,

I just came across your blog by hitting "Next Blog".

We are from the Minneapolis area, although we just moved across the border to a small town in Wisconsin (but still work in Minneapolis).

I consider myself somewhat crafty but nothing compared to you. I could never just whip together a bag like that. It is so cute and fun!!

I will say a prayer for your son and ask God to blanket him with is love and healing care.

Enjoyed your blog. It was fun and I will be back to check things out further!