Sunday, February 15, 2009

playing catch up

My son and I are boarding a plain to sunny Arizona in less than 48 hours and I am running around like a headless chicken (great mental picture, huh?). I have some cool new craft pictures to share and was tagged by Coco to share 7 fascinating things about myself (which I know you are just dying to hear) but unfortunately it will have to wait until I return.

My to do list for tomorrow looks like this:
  1. two loads of laundry
  2. post office to mail and stop mail
  3. finish packing suitcases
  4. clean out car
  5. morning interview with newspaper editor (includes pictures so I must wear make-up, blah!)
  6. shave legs (important when you are wearing shorts)
  7. bath for my son
  8. tidy up house (much more work than it sounds)
  9. add toiletries to bag
  10. make sure gas tank is full
  11. plug in car (no it's not's cold up here)

and that is just for tomorrow. Wait until Tuesday when I am running to get the dog to the sitter, load up the car, shovel a path to get out (snow), and get to a friend's house who will drive me two hours to the airport. But once I arrive in sunny Arizona it will all be worth it. I will replace my wool socks and boots for a pair of flip flops and will soak up some sun.

So take care and check back in a few weeks for some great photos and 7 things you must know about me.

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