Friday, July 10, 2009

featuring yours truly

Chris, over at Just a Girl did me the honor of featuring my blog on her feature friday post today. She featured my son's monster room I posted before and after photos of a couple posts ago. Here it is again if you don't want to scroll down.

If you haven't checked out Just a Girl I suggest you do it asap. She has some fantastic ideas that you will want to try yourself. One of my favorites was the house number in vinyl on the outside of her door. As soon as I paint my front doors I am doing the same thing.

The set was bought from Target and can also be bought online here. I found some accessories for the set like book holders, nightlight, and bean bag in store. I have had a few comments asking what colors I used for my son's room and so I will g ahead and post it here. We went to Lowe's (if you recently moved, use your 10% off coupon you got from the post office) and got all of our colors there. Some colors were color matched but most of them were from their Olympic line. My son's room colors are from the Olympic line but they ran out of the quart sized paints the day we needed them so they color matched all the stripes to make them as close as possible. So these colors aren't the exact colors I was gonna use but the closest Lowe's could get (and I am pretty picky).

top stripe (teal): Just Jazz A57-4
2nd stripe (orange): Field Poppy A24-6
3rd stripe (lime): Lime Green B68-4
bottom stripe (navy): Celestial Blue C54-6

The light blue/ teal color on all the other walls was in stock and so we didn't have to color match it. That color is: Galactica B57-2. The white was the same color we have used for our trim throughout the house and it's also an Olympic color and it's: Delicate White D40-1.

Tips and tricks:
  1. I used a satin paint finish cause it's not matte and you can clean it (a must in a kid's room) and it's not too shiny either
  2. I painted the darkest color on the bottom to avoid letting the navy darken the room.
  3. I painted the stripes on a wall other than the first one you when you walk in to avoid making the room look smaller. I think the stripes actually make the room look longer.
  4. I just went with a lighter version of the top stripe for the rest of the walls. I am sure a light green or orange would work as well if you go light enough.
  5. I used 1.5 blue painters tape for the stripes and did have to do some touching up but it wasn't too bad cause I really pushed the tape down. If you have textured walls you will probably need to do more touch ups.


Shelly and Todd said...

Hi there! I came over from another blog that listed you as a blog to see or something or other. Then saw in a former post that you live in the midwest and went to MPLS.
Here I sit, in a MPLS hotel (Hilton Marquette).. wondering where you live! It's a hike from WI to get here but we're here all the time... anyway, cool room, you're doing great! He's gotta be pumped :)

Lacy said...

Shelly, we visit MPLS a few times a year because my son is a patient at Shriner's hospital but it's usually a 2 night deal and we are outta there. We are also always shopping since we don't have fancy stores anymore. lol Maybe next time we will spend more time sightseeing. I live in small town North Dakota by the Minnesota border. It's about 6 hours for us to get to MPLS.

gkgirl said...

hey there...

found you via just a girl
and loooooove the bedroom...
looks fantastic!!

Lacy said...

thanks gkgirl!