Sunday, January 3, 2010

my favorite things

I am blessed with a husband who loves me dearly. So much in fact that he watched the baby while my son and I went into town to grocery shop (and buy some fabric). We live in a small town with no major chain stores, fast food, or big restaurants. It's all mom and pop shops around here. Our closest city with a mall, Target, Starbucks, JoAnn's (because these stores are all I need to get by in life) is about 75 miles away.

So my boy and I headed to get some groceries, get the oil changed on the car, get a car wash (where I managed to freeze the trunk shut by not wiping it off immediately after the wash), we got our groceries, return some items, and go to Jo Ann's craft store.
And color me surprised... all the clearance fabric was 50% off the sale price. I didn't pay over $5 a yard for a single item and I even picked up some jersey knit and minky fabric. If you sew you know how great this is, right?
Here is some of my new fabric.
And I even found some shabby chic cotton to complete my collection that I am putting together for my daughter's rag quilt. I am planning on having it done in 4 years when she moves into a big girl bed. I like to give myself even time to finish it. lol

Now I didn't NEED all of it since I still have this messy stash of fabric waiting to be cut into.
Oh, and this over here, too. (can't wait until we go to Ikea and get me some shelves so I can get my craft room organized)

But the fabric was on sale and it will eventually all be put to good use.


Designer said...

Wow Girl, I didn't realize you were so far away from Target. You really do live in a very small town. Do you have WalMart?

Lacy said...

Yes, this town is pretty small (under 2,000 people). We don't have a Wal-Mart or any big chain stores or restaurants here. Just mom and pop shops. Oh, and a Pamida which is like a mini Kmart with a little bit of everything (pretty limited stuff).

jackie said...

Great deal on the fabric! Wow we have 2 targets within 10 minutes from my house.