Friday, June 18, 2010

the great chair makeover

A few weeks ago my town had it's anual rummage sale.  I didn't get a lot but what I did get I LOVE.  Included in that is this chair that set me back $1.50.  Yes, one dollar and fifty cents. 
Crazy cheap, right?

I just adore the shape of this chair but don't care as much for the super itchy fabric that makes me a little scared to sit on it.  Luckily, for both this chair and myself...I was itching to reupholster something. 

You see I've never reupholstered anything but always see people doing on on HGTV or online and I've been impatiently waiting to do it myself.  And let's be honest for $1.50 I'm willing to risk it not turning out all that great but I just know it's gonna look fabulous.

 Here's a sneak peak.
I used a laminated damask print by Michael Miller that I've had sitting in my fabric stash for a while so this whole project was free so far. 

 It's wipeable so I don't have to worry about little dirty fingers. Yay!

But that's all I've gotten done so far because of a certain uh-hm two kids who keep me way too busy.  I still need to paint the chair.
But they're cute so I'll let it slide this time.


Diario de Elysia said...

Nice chair and I love the fabric you chose.

The kids are adorable as always!

Lacy said...

Thanks! I finally got some time to paint the chair today so hopefully I'll get it all put together in the next year. lol