Friday, July 15, 2011

making the old new again

I was looking for a rocker/glider type chair to use for the new baby but didn't want to spend $200 and up on it.  After asking around (gotta love facebook) I had a good friend offer up this rocker/glider chair that she no longer had the use or space for.  So it was completely free to me.  It works great and is pretty solid but I wasn't crazy about the fabric cushions and considered painting the wood.

I decided to save myself a whole lotta headache and leave the wood alone. Instead I would sew new cushion covers for the chair.  I was looking for a soft yet durable home decorator's fabric at a fantastic price (in fear that I would mess up and waste a ton of money onthe fabric).  So I went to Jo Ann's and just so happen to find the last 2 yards of the perfect clearance fabric that was an additional 50% off.  I paid $6 for the fabric.  Fantastic, right?

Here is the chair now. 

I should have taken photos of the process but I was kinda figuring it out as I went and doing it all with a toddler in my way.  I basically covered the old cushions tightly with the new fabric inside out.  I then pinned it, sewed it, and turned the fabric right side out and sewed the back or bottom seams.  I tried to follow the layout of the old cushions but also make it more modern by skipping the buttons and trim on the new cushions.  I think it turned out better than expected.  And the ruffled pillow (from Pier 1) helps add a little pizazz as well.  Not bad for $6, right?

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