Sunday, March 18, 2012

and then there was tile

I'm a few weeks behind on posting on my blog.  I'm gonna blame it on sick kids, too many home projects going on at once, and warm and unusual weather that has drawn us outside to play and soak it all up.  Today it was 70 degrees!!  I'm hoping this warm weather isn't followed by a blizzard because one thing I have learned is that anything can happen when it comes to weather here in North Dakota. 

Anywho....onto my latest kitchen update...  The countertops are in and I LOVE them more then I expected.  (I often second guess myself)  We also have finished tiling the back splash and that too turned out fantastic. My kitchen already feels like a completely different (and better) kitchen. 

The best part was that my husband tiled it himself. That man is so handy. The great thing about my husband is that he doesn't have any prior knowledge or experience with home renovations, tiling, remodeling, etc. He's (well, we really) are learning as we go. He's very direction oriented and does a ton of research before starting a new project. I'm the complete opposite. I jump into projects without directions or a plan. I do things on a whim. It drives him nuts. Luckily, most of my ideas are realistic and do-able. And when I get in over my head my husband is always there to help me out even if he isn't happy about it.

So that's it for now. Next thing we are working on is lighting, bead board accents, and window treatment.

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