Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have neglected you. Yes, all 3 of you who read my blog. I have been super duper busy and I haven't written in over a month. Busy with what...u ask?

Well, since you asked...

Since my last update (I think it was about being a crazy candle lady, right?) I became a successful crazy candle lady. I have earned back my initial costs, had two parties and will have another in the following weeks. AND, I am involved in a local network party where lots of vendors sell their goods and I hope to make mad some cash money during that.

Oh, and my title of queen of my home has been extended to queen of the moms. Well, actually not yet but I am working on that. I am the president of my local moms club. It was a little intimidating at first considering all the hormonal (not to mention pregnant) women that I had to deal with. Now that I have had a chance 'to test the waters' I feel like I am going to ROCK as president (aka queenie).

On a sad note, my photo greeting business is not doing well. I was duped by a domain name promise and lost my website. Well, it's been parked which means I have to come up with a large sum of dough before it's gone forever. My business has slowed down since my website has been down and I need to get it back up. I have been considering creating a new domain though.

What else, what else???

OHHHH, my fertile kitty had kittens. Yup, 3 healthy cats and not one baby daddy. After interrogating our neighbor with three male (come to find out fixed) cats I ended my search. They are adorable though and I am a good looking grandma. he he he

On the dreaded topic of fertility...we are still lacking. I am getting tired of people producing 2 children since I created one.

Well, that is about if for now. I can't give away all the cool stuff happening or I wouldn't have anything to write about next month when I remember I still have a blog.

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