Thursday, February 7, 2008

crafty me

I am back...hold the applause. Over the last 2 weeks I have dealt with all 3 of us being sick, and a funeral. Along with my husband's schedule being changed several times. I am so glad things are getting back to normal (whatever that is).

My husband got sick and gave it to my son and myself. Nothing is worse than a man being sick. And right before that a friend and co-worker of my husband was killed on the job. My husband took this very hard and I have also had a hard time processing this. All I can think of is the wife of this man and what a tough and long road she has ahead of her. I also worry more now about my husband. I have always had the 'what ifs' but I push them to the back of my mind and this has brought them to the surface. Please keep this widow and her children in your prayers.

On a lighter note, I have kept my mind off of things by finishing up some projects around the house. I finally finished my son's rag quilt for his bed and here it is.

Here is a close up. I really love how it turned out but wish I used a better quality flannel for it. Never mind the cluttered room full of toys. I am hoping to get that under control soon.


Diario de Elysia said...

I :puffyheart: it! Verah Niice.

You crafty mom you!

And my heart goes out to your friends family. So tragic. senseless I bet. :(

Kiss tha tadorable son of yours for me. Muah

Melanie (Thrifty and Creative) said...

Sorry about the sad news! Most certainly will pray for these folks and your family as well! Events such as these do make you think of the "what ifs" as you put it.

On to the lighter side of your post: Kudos on the quilt! Very awesome! I have to as an art teacher mention the children's art on the walls! Wonderful job! I encourage folks all the time to frame and hang children's art versus the can do the fridge thing also..but frame something! After all, it is one of a kind and priceless! True masterpiece!