Saturday, February 16, 2008

the man club

I am almost sold on the notion that there is a secret man club that all husbands belong to that keeps our household expectations of them at an all time low. There are times when I am sure my husband has been on probation with this club. You know, like when he puts his dirty clothes in the hamper without me asking (3 times). And then there are times like today when I start to wonder if he is actually the president of this club.

I don't expect much (at all). Just clean up after yourself and lend a hand when I need it. My husband works all the time and has a fairly stressful and dangerous job. I prefer that he time he spends with us be fun times and not chore time.

Having said that...I have been talking with some other wives (whose names will be left out) and I feel so much better to know that it's not just my husband. Which has left me to think there is a 'man club' and they are simply abiding by the rues and guidelines. Either way...I will just put my big girl panties on and deal with it. It could be worse, right?

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