Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sew the day away

I have always enjoyed sewing but have never been all that great at ready patterns. It's almost like reading a foreign language for me at times. So I signed up for a sewing class with a friend and set out on a mission to make a tote bag. Well, the first class is over and we have one more next weekend where we will finish the bag. It's a pretty complicated pattern for a beginning class and so I have only done so much sewing on this purse at home without an instructor to pester with my questions.

In the mean time I have started on this sewing for dummies pattern for another tote bag. I modified it quite a bit and made it reservable. I am soooo proud of myself and only have a few things to finish up on the lining of the bag before I can tote it around daily. The picture is below and I apologize in advance for how bad the photo turned out. I used my little digital camera and the flash stinks. Oh, and how do you like my display hook (aka..thermostat).

Where was my son as I sewed the day away? Well, he has been sick and so I couldn't go anywhere anyways. He has spent his days watching Max & Ruby, playing games, and destroying my home. While I was deep in my pattern and threads he did manage to start a load of laundry for me.

He put together a load of colors using his snake, a couple oranges, a coaster, and the end piece of my curtain rod (don't ask me how he got this down). Isn't he sweet?

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