Wednesday, April 2, 2008

broken hearted

So we found out yesterday that there is about a 5% chance that we will be able to transfer up north this time. We took is pretty hard. Our hearts were set on moving and we were ready to go only to find out that some cuts were made and word on the street is that my hubby was one of those cut. I think they need him here and as flattering as that may be...we wanted to go so badly.

So it looks like I will be checking out local schools, and deciding whether we will continue to home school our son. All hope is not lost though. We can always try again in about 6 months or so. And if not then, there are other options. We are working on a new game plan.

BUT...just after we found out we weren't north bound we got a call about an adoption orientation. We filled out the info like 6 months ago and just now heard back from the agency. So maybe this is God's plan for us. Maybe we are meant to be here for a while longer. Long enough to add to our family. Only time will tell. I just wish I was a patient person.

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Diario de Elysia said...

That sux Lace. sorry about that.

We have had a flourish of new memebers on our Inter-racial families board who are or have adopted. Happy families warms my heart.

Hope it all works out for you!