Sunday, April 13, 2008


While browsing at Target I came across some cool craft kits for older girls AND they were on sale (score). I recently started knitting (or trying anyway) and so I picked up a knitting one and a sewing one. The box says ages 8 & up so I figured that would be right at my knitting level. I was wrong. I didn't make it past the first step. lol
So I put that away and moved on to the sewing kit which was a doll making kit. It didn't involve a sewing machine so I had to do some googling and freshen up on some of my hand stitches. The project took me a few days since I could only work on it in between snack time, bedtime, laundry, play dates, etc.

Now I know that 'dolly' didn't turn out great but I think she is cute. My son also loves her and with his dad's approval she is allowed to stay and play with him. I would like to make some more soon (maybe a boy doll or some cool animals). Her formal name is Flower but we call her dolly. I just need to find some printable patterns since I didn't trace the original pattern before I cut it up.

I will post my knitting project when (and if) I ever complete it.

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Diario de Elysia said...

She is adorable. Feel free to make one for my Gabby! LOL