Monday, June 30, 2008

it's the little things...

in life that tickle my fancy. After a grueling day outside looking at cars (I'll explain later) we cooled off inside Target. The boys hit up Pizza Hut for lunch and I grabbed a iced Chai Tea (breve style with a shot of sugar free hazelnut...try it) from Starbucks and wondered the clearance end caps (my favorite place). You never know what treasures you will find and being the frugal person I am, I always have to check out the clearance.

Today I found a Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer with Dual Alarm Clock (I don't really care about the alarm clock part). I have been wanting one of these babies ever since I was at a book club meeting at a friend's house and she had one. You place the one part outside and it picks up the outdoor temp and the actual device sits inside and picks up the indoor temp. Cool, right? Ok, so it probably isn't all that cool but I told you it's the little things in life that tickle my fancy.

I paid $10.48 for it. I think it was 30% and I usually wait until 50% or more but I have been wanting one of these and have seen them for much more elsewhere. For instance, Circuit City has this exact model for $19.99 so I think I got a good price.

I am going to try to refrain openning it until we move so that I don't lose anything but it will be hard. I want to look at it this summer and say, "'s 115 degrees out right now! I am so glad we will be freezing our butts off in a few months!"

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