Friday, June 27, 2008

crafting my time away

We are still waiting to find out when we will officially be moving. I have started some packing, and sorting but there isn't much I can do until we hear from our moving coordinator. He or she will guide us through it all. So as I wait I have had some time to fool around with my new camera and finish up some craft projects I never started or never completed. The first one is pretty simple. It's a crocheted scarf. My friend Kelli reintroduced me to crocheting (by re-introduce I mean she taught me the correct way to crochet). I started with something easy...a scarf. And I never finished the fringe because, well it's really hot out and I couldn't see myself ever wearing it. Now that we will be freezing our butts off this winter I decided to finish it. I just wish I could follow a pattern and make a matching hat. Unfortunately, directions have never been my strong suite and attempting to crochet a hat would result in heavy drinking, cursing, and yet another unfinished project.

My next craft was a much needed address book. I came to realize when I was updating my current address book that it was put together sometime between 2002 and 2006 (the dates on the address book gave it away). I like to have an all in one address book. It has to include birthdays, addresses, and phone numbers. I had a hard time finding something like that. So I set off on a mission to update my contacts and make a new address book myself. I like to print labels on the computer with people's info because:

1. I don't trust my handwriting and
2. it's easy to print a new label and cover the old one if they move or change their info.

So here it is. I am still adding info and need to add the alphabet labels to it but so far I am very pleased with the results. I used items I already had around the house like note cards and cardboard, and it took a very short time to put it together. The hard part is adding all the info to it.

Oh, and I love the new camera.


Danielle said...

ok now i need to get back to my crafts! sewing machine has been neglected since i made my purse.

Lacy said...

Be sure to post pictures of your projects. I am always looking for inspiration. I made an Elvis a bag after I saw your purse. lol Right now I am crocheting scarves cause I am going to be needing them. = )