Sunday, July 6, 2008

going under the knife

Tomorrow I will be going in or surgery. It's a simple procedure on my girly parts (seems to be the story of my life). I have lived with chronic pain, cysts, and malfunctioning reproductive parts for too long and I am finally getting some much needed work done. I have done this same procedure before and it helped so hopefully with the new technology and such I will be as good as new again. I should be home the same day. My sweet momma is coming out to assist with things around the house and baby me. I think being taken care of and nurtured will be a nice change for me. Even if it's only for a few days. I am so used to taking care of everyone else, you know? You do if you're a mom yourself.

So I will be back in a few days to a week and hopefully by then we will find out when exactly we are moving.


Diario de Elysia said...

I am sure evertyhting will be fine. Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. Tell your mom I said Hi!

Offshore Wife said...

I hope all goes well. You will be in my thoughts.

Lacy said...

Thank you ladies. I feel like a truck hit me but I am alive and hope to be feeling better soon.