Thursday, August 14, 2008

bitter sweet

We are back from our house hunting trip. We were gone 5 days and the time just flew by. We had 3 connecting flights and about 20 minutes between each of them. I got a lot of much needed (but not welcomed) running in from terminal to terminal.

Once we got there is was all worth it. It was so green and the weather was beautiful. Much nicer than our 100+ degrees weather here in Arizona. We stayed in the larger city outside of where we will live to get a feel for the town, shopping, and to enjoy some entertainment in between house hunting. We actually stayed at 3 different hotels during our trip because they were all booked (thanks to the billion Canadians who traveled down to enjoy the town as well).

The second day we woke up early and drove for 45 minutes to the home we had put a hold on to check it out. We were a little shocked to see how small the town actually was but it was cute and quaint and it grew on us in minutes. We really loved the home...until we saw the stairs. These stairs resembled a ladder with carpet. I just knew at that moment that my son would break at least one bone in that home.

We left the home and met up with my best friend who lives close by that area and started doing some research on how to make these stairs safer. We even contemplated adding a slide to one side but they were too narrow and we decided we better start looking for another home soon or we would be homeless in 2 weeks.

In such a small area it's really hard to find any rentals and we really exhausted all of our resources. We finally found a home that was for sale for some time and the owner decided to just rent it out as he tried to sell it. BINGO. We were all over it and met with him at our hotel the last night of our trip hoping and praying this was the home for us. The meeting went well and it looks like we found a new rental. The downside is it's even farther away than we wanted to be and the population of the town is a whopping 600. We will just have to deal with that for now and will start looking around and getting to know the area. Hopefully come spring we will find something in a town we love. This will be an adventure.

My digital camera and my pc are in a fight and won't upload my photos right now but hopefully they make up soon cause I took lots of photos.

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