Wednesday, August 6, 2008

on the market

I have been MIA lately. I am sorry but we have just been so busy with our upcoming move.

We made a trip out to say goodbye to our friends and family who live 3-5 hours away this past week. We also brought our Sulcata tortoise down to my in-laws. They will be caring for it since we can't take her with us. We even built a nice outdoor habitat for my sweet tortoise.

The trip was exhausting. We got back in town on Monday and met with our realtor that same day to put the house up for sale. Tuesday we had the photos for the virtual tour and I am looking forward to seeing how those turned out. Today we had the moving company come by to assess our items and see what needs special crates or boxes. We have 10k to 12k pounds to be moved. Apparently this is a normal weight for a medium sized home. We have a max of 18k lbs. and so I might need to do some more shopping before we go.

Tonight we had our first showing of our home. We grabbed the dog and went across the street to a friend's home for dinner and a swim. My husband and neighbor went over to our home to grab swimsuits and ran into the realtor as she was leaving and received great feedback from her. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

I probably won't be around too much until next week. We flying to Minnesota in a couple of days to get everything finalized. I will try to remember my camera and share some pictures but I am not making any promises since I forgot it on our last trip. Off to pack.

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Diario de Elysia said...

Awesome. Hope it is a good trip