Monday, September 29, 2008


Now that most of the boxes are unpacked and we are starting to know our way around here I am looking back at this whole experience wondering how it all flew by so fast. We had so much to move and less than 60 days to get it all done. Yes, we had a moving company pack and move everything and I am sure that was my saving grace but it was still so much work. Here are a few pictures of our moving process from Arizona.

After we got here we got right to work with unpacking.

We are saving all the boxes since we will be moving again in a year (we are renting through the winter until we find a home to rent in a nearby area) but we decided to throw out the paper used for packing. It was too mangled and messy to keep together. We had so much paper that we didn’t know what to do. Here is a photo of my laundry room which was about 4 ft. high in paper.
My son and his friend were loving that. They would run and get lost in it. Too bad they didn't enjoy cleaning it up for me.


Diario de Elysia said...

LOL now that's what I call kid heaven!

Glad oyu are all settled in~

Lacy said...

Thanks Elysia. Yeah, I was a cool mom until the next day when I hauled all that paper away.

tidymom said...

Well that's certainly one way to get out of doing laundry! LOL


Lacy said...

Tidymom, I would usually avoid doing laundry at all cost (and what better excuse than having all this paper in the way) but this was after a 5 day cross country road trip, no water due to broken pipes when we moved in, and I needed to wash some clothes!