Thursday, October 2, 2008

small town

So we are settled in. Well, as settled in as we can be for being here for about a month. I still haven’t managed to find my box with all my nail supplies in it but I am sure that will show up when I finally break down buy all new stuff. The town is great. It’s such a tight nit community and I adore the small town feel. The only downfall could be being the 'new' family in town. I haven't met many people who make me feel like an outsider but I have managed to run across a few. Their loss.

So far we have attended story time at the library which is across the street, park day with some friends, and taken several trips to the playgrounds here in town. I know that this is just the honeymoon phase because winter is just around the corner and we are in for a shock but I am just going to live in the moment. The amazing thing for us is the scenery. Coming from the desert all the green is a huge shock. For an amateur photographer this place is amazing.

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