Monday, October 13, 2008


Okay, so I wasn't drinking but a girl can dream, right?

My best friend and I set out on a mission to make trick or treat cans with some decoupage, scrap paper, empty paint cans, and embelishments. It took longer than anticipated but I solely blame that on trying to work around our husband's schedule and our kids' constant interruptions. All in all I think they turned out cute and plan to make some quart sized ones for my son's teachers.

And here is my finished trick or treat can:

I can't wait to fill it up and use it on Halloween.


tidymom said...

How CUTE!!! Where did you get the empty paint cans?


Lacy said...

Thank you! A friend of mine had the empty gallon cans lying around in her basement from a previous tenant but I picked up the empty quart cans from Mernards (like a Lowe's or Home Depot) for a little over a $1. I bet you can find the empty gallon ones there as well but I never looked.

tidymom said...

Thanks! I'll have to start keeping my eye out for some!