Saturday, October 11, 2008

home sweet rental

I know you are all dying to see our lovely rental home, right? Yeah, whatever. The only thing worse than knowing you can't decorate and you will be packing again in six months is not having a home at all. We came pretty close to being homeless. There just aren't many decent rentals in the sticks so we had to settle. Now don't get me wrong...we like this home but it's temporary.

We have almost decided on the next area we will live in once our lease here is up. It's about 30 minutes away and I spend most days there taking my son to school and now physical therapy. In towns this small it's important to let the kids grow up together and I just can't take him out of the school so I think we will end up in that town. We love this town but there isn't an elementary school here and all the kids are bused to the next town over. I guess I always saw myself walking my son to school and it's important to live in the town he goes to school in.

Here are the long awaited photos. Since taking these photos I have made some much needed improvements and will continue to make this a home. I will hopefully share them as I go.

Since you have already seen the front of our home, here is the backyard which I think is actually nice size with pretty trees.
Our fabulous blue dining room. Yes, even the ceiling is blue.
The living room:
and another angle of our living room:
The office/ my craft area:
And one side of the playroom:

So as you can see it's no gem but it's growing on us.


Glennis said...

Seems reasonably spacious, though not luxurious. Better than homeless as you said.
greetings from New Zealand.

Lacy said...

You're right Glennis, the house is spacious and it works for now. I am a little hard on this poor house sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!