Saturday, December 13, 2008

our 1st blizzard

We are currently experiencing our 1st North Dakota blizzard. This info is from and was update Sunday Morning around 9am. I circled our temps in case you missed that. Brrr!!! With the windchill it's -41 degrees out and we're expecting -48 to -53 still. Until I moved here only Eskimos crossed my mind when I thought of people actually living in anything below zero degrees. This is only the beginning of our winter weather. Luckily I don't mind being indoors.

The storm should pass by Tuesday so until then I will stay busy cleaning up the house, baking, watching some Christmas movies, and hopefully get some sewing in. I just made some great applesauce. I had a ton of apples so I doubled the recipe. You should try it.

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Oh Wow...So glad I live in the South. I don't think I could survive in temperatures that cold. I am in Georgia and last night it was in the 70's. Warm thoughts going out to you.

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