Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas crafts

So we made it through our blizzard and were a little disappointed to be honest. We got very little snow. I think it's so cold here that we just don't get too much snow. Now southern cities like Fargo got a great deal of snow. My poor husband has been waiting patiently to get good use out of his new toy.
Either way we have enough snow for me and it is certainly cold enough to feel like Christmas around here so on to the Christmas decor. I made most of my decor this year. We have a Pottery Barn Kids decor with a mix or contemporary and vintage stuff so I just hodge podged it this year. We weren't able to put up all our decor or go all out because we are renting for a short amount of time and this house it much different than our Arizona home.

I made the garland and the birds for my tree (there are 8 birds on my tree). I used a fabric line called NOEL from JoAnn's and added some red and green gingham to it. I got the bird pattern here.

See the green birdie under the garland?

The garland was made with felt and thread and can be used year round for parties or really anything. I got the idea here. In this next picture you can see the garland strung along my windows as well. Oh, and the windows aren't dirty ( well, maybe a little but it's frost along with my flash reflecting off of them).

Using the same Noel fabric I made the quilt on the recliner and the pillow on the window seat. I also used the scraps to make my fabric wreaths.
Here is a close up for you.

I LOVE how these turned out and it was so easy. I just used a metal embroidery hoop from the thrift store and just my scraps (9 in. x 1.5 in. for my hoop) using pinking shears and tied them on the hoop. I plan on making one large one and adding a bird to the middle of it.



Your birds are very country chic. I don't normally do country but these are really nice.

HipHome said...

Looks so festive and warm. The wreath is absolutely adorable too!!

Lacy said...

Thank You & Merry Christmas!