Saturday, December 27, 2008

someone got lucky

For Christmas I got this fabulous perfume:
and this gorgeous mixer:
and some other fantastic gifts as well. Everyone had a blast and got some good stuff. I will quote my 4 year old and say, "I got everything I ever wanted!"
One of my husband's gifts was a handmade softie and came as no surprise thanks to my big mouth son. My husband had been bugging me for a while to make this sad little odd shaped puppy that must have reminded him of a toy from his childhood (pattern from this book) and so I finally did it. But I will add that I tried to proportion him out a bit and was somewhat successful.
Meet Lucky.



Color me green with envy over the mixer. And I do LOVE red. My pots are red. I have desired one for a long time. I would have bought one by now but honestly... I wouldn't use it that much. But I do love love love them.


Lacy said...

ooooh, red pots? Very cool. I kinda felt like the last person to get a mixer cause I never thought I would really use it but now that I have it I use quite a bit.

HipHome said...

I have that same softie book and have been dying to make that cute little softie! You did an excellent job!! I use my mixter almost daily. I have had it for a few years and the key to using it is keeping it on your kitchen counter within reach (which it looks like you are doing). Otherwise its just a pain to pull out and use.

Lacy said...

I really like the book and would love to see what you have made. I agree that the mixer has to be out on the counter. It's just too heavy to take in and out.

Offshore Wife said...

I want that perfume! I have that same mixer in blue and I love that book! I made several things out of it for Christmas gifts. How are you fairing in the cold???

Lacy said...

Nicole, the perfume is great! It has the perfect fruity floral combo I like.

You will have to share some pictures of what you made from the Softies book. We are freezing but surviving and making the best of it. You can ask me again in a few weeks though. = )

Melanie said...

I just love that little dog you made! It is SOOO cute!