Thursday, December 4, 2008

when in North Dakota...

Since moving out to the sticks my husband has really been embracing the country way of life up here. I should have known he would want to cut down his own Christmas tree but I guess I was just hoping he'd skip that part of the whole 'life in the country' experience.

After picking my son up from school today we all headed out to a tree farm. It was 10 degrees out and we were up for an adventure (ok, they were and I was taken hostage).

Unfortunately, my son doesn't have a talent for picking out full and lively trees so when he picked one that looked alive and was over 4ft tall we knew it was meant to me.
Seeing as how we are new to this whole 'life in the country' experience we didn't have a chainsaw. My husband borrowed a large saw (can't remember the name but I am sure it was used in a few horror films) from a friend.

It worked surprisingly well but I am sure we will still be buying a chain saw by next Christmas.

While my husband worked hard getting that tree down my son and I goofed off for the camera to keep our minds off of how cold it was. He borrowed my scarf when his neck was cold. Gosh, I wish I had his flawless complexion and rosy cheeks.

I told my husband there was no way that tree was riding inside the car with us and I almost had my way. Half way home (45 min drive) a semi passed us and the tree flew off the car. The rest of the way home the tree was inside the car.

I think it all worked out. I couldn't call it a painless adventure after

  1. We nearly froze trying to tie the tree down.

  2. My husband managed to give himself a fat lip when the twine rope broke.

  3. I learned that I am allergic to X-Mas trees. (It's only when I touch it though and Benadryl seems to clear it right up)

Now that it's over I think the tree looks great and we can laugh about it all later, right?

No, my tree is not crooked, some one didn't put the angel in the middle


Amy G said...

This will be a fun story to remember for years to come! Thanks for the laughs. Love you all.

Lacy said...

Yeah, it was quite the adventure for us city folk. lol