Friday, January 2, 2009

there is no pleasing me

If you have visited my blog more than 3 times over the last 6 months you will have noticed that I have changed my layout and background several times. The problem is that I just can't seem to find a layout and color scheme that works for me.

I am content with this layout (for now anyway) but can't seem to figure out how to center the comic strip at the top of the page or my photo over on the sidebar. I suppose it's just gonna have to stay the way it is before I get fed up and change it all again.

Speaking of my comic strip...I have had this for years and always chuckle when I read it. If you are a avid sewer like I am and have small children I am sure you can relate as well.

I also added two new add ons on the side of my blog. I have been getting quite a few more readers lately but really don't know who they are so I added two new doo-dads on the side bar under my pictures that will hopefully help me know who is reading my blog so that I can check out their blog. So if you follow my blog regularly please click that option on the side bar. I figured I would try both of the doo-dads (don't really know the appropriate word for them) and keep the one that works best.

On a crafty note...
I just got all my Christmas stuff away and would like to start some Valentine's Day crafts. I just need to find some great ideas. Last year my son made these Valentine's (with my help) for his friends and I am considering trying that again.

But I would also love to make some stuff for the house and maybe myself as well. Know of any good ideas?


Diario de Elysia said...

Love that flower I might have to borrow tha tidea from you and use that this year.

Hope you ahd a great xmas and NYs!

Melanie said...

I understand trying to find what works for you blog. I still want to do something different with mine as well! I like the Comic Strip! I think your blog works well!

Lacy said...

Elysia, I got the idea online somewhere. If I find it I will share it with you. They are adorable and easy to make.

Melanie, I am already sick of my blog's look. But I do like the comic strip. = ) I love the colors on your blog.

Diario de Elysia said...

Hey I think I found it on Martha Stewart's website. Since I nicknamed you MS, I figured it would be there