Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are your feet ready for sandals? Mine are.

We ran our heater for months on end due to our super long winter and our skin got so dry. My son even developed eczema. I tried so many different lotions, and bath regimens to help cure his poor dry skin but nothing really worked.
I finally tried some baby eczema lotion. Not only is his skin looking better but I also found out it works great on my feet as well. I put it on in the mornings and walk around getting ready in some good cotton socks and then just throw on my sandals when I am ready to go. You could also use it at night before bed (I don't like to sleep with socks on). My dry cracked feet (thank you winter) are ready for summer and the greatest part is that it took less than a bottle of lotion and get costs only $5.99 at Target (and there is a $1 off coupon inside the box). That's cheaper than my old foot lotion which didn't work half as well. Oh, and be sure to wash your hands after applying if cause it can be a little greasy.

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Coco said...

I typically use pure cocoa butter. And I have discovered that with chapped lips it heals them quicker than the name brands. Sometimes it is hard to find it pure but I use a brand that has some vitamin E in it. Palmers is the brand but they have several types. I might have to give your brand a try on the feet though.