Monday, May 18, 2009

my lame attempt

After months and months of searching for a rental home without any luck we went ahead and just bought a home. It's really a nice home and almost exactly what we wanted in a home which is hard to find in these smaller towns. And we're moving in less than a month. Luckily it's only 30 minutes away so it shouldn't be too hard of a move.

Maybe it's nesting or just finally owning a home again after living in this nonfunctional rental but I am ready to paint and decorate. My son will be getting a new bed and furniture, the baby will need bedding and all the fun stuff and so on. I will basically start all over in almost every room but it'll take time.

Here is my lame attempt at a collage of all the fun stuff to go in my son's room. I still need a dresser and some kind of toy storage but will probably handle that one once we are moved in.

He chose race cars since he is a Hotwheels junkie. I decided to paint the room the light blue on the bottom of the picture and paint the race track (made with chalkboard paint, of course) in the middle of the wall. The bedding is from Target and so is the locker nightstand. We already have the transportation rug from Ikea located on the top right corner of the photo. I plan to add some orange seating cubes or something fun like that later as well. Oh, and I have big plans for the curtains. They will be made into fabric cornices. Can you see the hamsters running in my brain?

As for our daughter's room (baby to be)... This is all I got so far and I may still change my mind. I have some time before she arrives so I can work on her room once we are moved in.

Decorating and all the planning is so much fun for me. I wish I had a money tree to fund all my great ideas.


Designer said...

Are you doing the bedroom in a shabby chic theme? Tell me what fabric you like and I will make you a quilt for the crib. I have to find someone to live through:)

Cierra Pera said...

The baby girl's room is so cute! That's the shabby chic from target right? My best friend has it and it is BEAUTIFUL! I would go with that in a heart beat!

Diario de Elysia said...

Ooh I love it all!

Post pics of the new digs when you get a chance!