Sunday, May 10, 2009

thinking PINK

Our ultrasound tech informed us a couple of days ago that she is 90% sure we are having a girl. Apparently she doesn't give 100% ever (especially with girls). So it looks like we are having a little girl. I think a part of me secretly thought it was a girl the whole time but I was preparing myself for a boy. Denial, maybe? I guess I always pictured myself a mom to all boys.

It took me a day to process it all. Shortly after accepting the fact that we are having a little girl I realized that all my girly fabric and fun stuff can now be used on my own child. I quickly pulled out my stash of all things pink or girly and got to work.

So far I have made some flannel apple themed burpcloths. 5 to be exact and I think I might make some more soon. Or maybe matching bibs. Oh, the possibilities are endless.


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Julie said...

Way Cool and Congrats! B and I just went in for our first pregger appt and got to see the heart beat on the ultrasound! Yay!!

I am, none to secretly, hoping, dreaming, and praying for a girl! I'm feeling way too out-numbered these days! (I KNEW we should have gotten a girl dog!)