Thursday, July 16, 2009

rainy day projects

Ok, so it was more of a combo of sick (had a kid recovering from a cold) and rainy day projects but all that matters now is that they got done, right? I was at JoAnn's last week and came across some striped minky fabric for $3 a yard (reg. $12.99/yd) so I bought it. I have a large stash of cotton fabric so I grabbed the best match and made a baby blanket.

I made the mistake of only getting a yard of minky but still had some left over so I made a tag blanket with the rest.

And then my son saw the baby's new blankies and begged me to make him one. Luckily when I went back to JoAnn's a few days later there was both blue and pink striped minky (for $3) so I bought more. I made my son a blanket. He chose the fabric combo.

While taking all these photos I dropped my lens cap on the floor and while looking down for it I realized that I can barely see my toes anymore (sniff sniff). In my defense I am now in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy.
The last two photos were of this cute little scrapbook door hanger kit I bought from TJ Max (for only $2).
I love the idea of scrapbooking but tend to get overwhelmed easily when trying to make it all come together. This kit was great cause it had directions and pictures.

We are heading out of town this weekend but will be back soon. Take care!
PS. Isn't my new blog look fantastic? I am LOVING it.

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Coco said...

You new look is great. Wow your tummy does look big from that angle.