Monday, July 20, 2009

got jars?

Everyone has jars of some kind, right? I like to keep jars and reuse them. I usually just store buttons, and craft items in them so I wanted to try something new. A little more crafty, ya' know? I went on a search for new ideas and here is what I found. If you know of any great ideas please share!

Who would have thought to add the pin cushion to the top? PERFECT!

This would be a fun project with kids to make. Perfect rainy day project. I know my son would love it.

If you make these please bring me some. What you live several states away? Ok, well then just let me know how they turn out. Yummmm.

We are starting to venture into this phase at my house. Could I add pick the weeds in the garden to this jar? he he he

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