Saturday, August 1, 2009

the never ending dining room project

I think the title just about covers it. As you know, we have been working our butts off trying to make our new house a home that fits our style and needs. We haven't really finished any rooms completely yet but I kinda expected that there would still be small things to add as I go. Our recent transformation was on our dining area. Here is what it looked like before. The purple paint, wood trim, and grape wallpaper border just doesn't stand out in this first picture cause it was a dreary day when these were taken but this second one gives you a better idea. You can click on the photos to see them bigger. The house had a woodsy country feel to it for sure.

And yes, the blinds are a sea foam green color. Where the previous owners got them is beyond me.
Here is another picture taken right after we moved in with their paint and our furniture.
Here is what it looked like this morning, Please excuse the box and hammer.

It's clearly still in the process but I am soooo happy with the direction it's moving in. We hung up some art that my husband painted when he was just a kid. Cool, huh?

And we still need something for that big open wall. My husband is leaning towards artwork and I am leaning towards a floating shelf with some doo dads. We'll probably meet in the middle.

Our other dilemma is what color of shades/ blinds to buy to replace the sea foam green ones. We are trying to decide between white wooden blinds and a bamboo roman shade. The problem is that we can't find the right size of the roman shade that will fit both the dining and the kitchen window (not pictured).

The kitchen is also coming along but will probably be something we finish next year. Kitchens are just so expensive to redo and so time consuming. Time is something I am short on with the baby coming. However, we did get this baby to start the replacement process of our appliances.

Never mind the half painted wall. This is an older picture taken before all the finger prints could stick to my new stainless stove.

Well, that is about all I got for now. I wish I had redecorating fairies working around the clock to get it all done but it's just my husband and I and the bigger I get the less help I am these days. Plus I need to focus on getting things ready for the baby.


Coco said...

The new color is 100x better. Much more modern and fresh. I am not a big fan of country decor. I like some things that are old but don't give me geese and that country blue. Yuck.

I can't wait to get into our new place and decorate. It will be interesting to see how mine and my sisters tastes clash or work together.

Jessica said...

I LOVE the paint color you chose. Looks great!

Go check out my post today and let me know what you think! :D

Lacy said...

Coco, I agree that it's much more clean and modern. I'm not crazy about blue after having to remove it from almost every room in this house. Blah!

Thank you Jessica! I will head over to your blog today!