Tuesday, July 28, 2009

chalkboard tutorial

Before I get started on my recent craft I must vent. You know that adorable crib set I found at Target for my little girl who is due to arrive in 9 weeks or less? The set we painted the nursery walls to match? (sniff sniff) If not, here it is again. I found out yesterday that it's back ordered and no one has any idea of when or if it will ever be available. I pouted a lot yesterday but today I am getting proactive and starting a new quest for a better set. You should never mess with an emotional pregnant lady like that so I am canceling my order regardless and boycotting their online store. Take that Target!

Ok, now on to my project. I wanted to add a chalkboard to the kitchen but couldn't find anything that didn't belong in a classroom so I went on a mission to make one. My first stop was the thrift store where I found this beauty.
My thrift store is overpriced so I paid $5 when I should have paid $1 for it but I knew it would work so I forked over the $$.

Then I went to the hardware store and bought premium shiny spray paint (the boy at the store said there was no need to prime with this stuff so I was sold) and I bought chalkboard spray paint. I didn't even knew this stuff existed but now I can't live without it.
(See my berries in the background? I just picked them from the garden.)

I took the frame apart placing the glass on a sheet of newspaper and the actual frame on some newspaper and sprayed away. Ok, my husband helped to reduce exposing my unborn child to any toxic fumes. Thanks honey! And yes, I just sprayed the glass with the chalkboard paint and went over both of the colors a few times to make sure I had a good thick coat.
The chalkboard paint dried faster than the spray paint but both were ready the next day.

I treated (rubbed the chalk on it's side on the board and wiped it off) the chalkboard and put them back together and wa-la!

I am loving it and I am thinking I could use another one for upcoming craft shows. Maybe a white frame next time. Hmmmm....


Coco said...

Really cute idea. I used a magnetic chalkboard paint but it was in a can and a real pain. It has metal in it. I had no idea there was spray chalk board. I will have to get some of that because I want a chalkboard in my kitchen too.

Thanks for sharing.

Alisha said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!!