Friday, August 7, 2009

repurposed door

We have this annoying old storm door that opens the wrong way as you enter our home from the garage. I often hear my husband mumble to himself how he is going to rip this obnoxious door off it's hinges and burn it. This usually happens when it smacks him while he walks through it or it closes when it's supposed to stay open. Hey, it's an old door.

While trying to figure out what we will do for a headboard in our room one day the light bulb turned on and I knew right away that we could use that old door. We have a white romantic shabby thing (but not too shabby) going on in our room and this door would work. I have seen it done before above a couch over at the nesting place.

I approached my husband with the idea and within an hour that door was off it's hinges. He was more than happy to remove it. We got some L brackets and then next day we hung that baby up.

I absolutely love the way it looks. I plan on putting something up on the wall above it soon. I am thinking about using vinyl wall words. (I might even add some to the glass on the door.)

I am thinking in the dark green cause we have a lot of green shades in our room.

Wouldn't it look good above the bed?

Oh, and because I am sure you are dying to know what this room looked like before we moved in...

Our bed is now up against the wall with the mirror. And please know that I am not knocking the previous owner's decor. Everyone has different taste, right?

At this point our room is a blank canvas but it's definitely coming along and I often find myself just wanting to curl up in bed with a book.


Coco said...

Yuck. Anything would look better than what it was. I love the idea of repurposing. Way to be green :)

Lacie E. said...

I wish that I could see something like an old door and invision it being such a cool piece of decor. I love this!!