Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fashion for this nursing mom

My time as a pregnant woman is coming towards an end now. I am 8 months pregnant and done buying maternity clothes. I am however ready to start buying clothes for after the baby. I plan on nursing with this one as well and will be needing some tops that are boob accessible and forgiving around the tummy area as my mine will still be shrinking.
I am thinking that after this baby I will have a few extra lbs. to loose and so I decided to check out Target's plus size department so that I can go with some tops that will give me some extra room. I tend to run in between the teenie bopper sizing and plus so I have the luxury of shopping both. And to be honest the thought of wearing a size 1 is pretty cool. (if you don't know that would be a 1x. This appears to be how Target sizes the bigger girl's clothing). Shopping at Target is a good idea since their clothes are affordable so I won't be bummed if I only wear them this year.
So here is my list of fall must have tops for the breastfeeding/postpartum mom (me) in no particular order. I tried to go loose around the tummy and give easy access to the milk bags. If you must have one of these items just click on it to go directly to it on Target's website.

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