Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Santa...

I have been a pretty good girl this year and would appreciate your consideration for these items this Christmas.

My husband and I bought our home this year and have been doing countless improvements and updates to it so we decided to save some dough for the house and just fill each other's stockings this year. That and we are buying a ride on mower (my husband's long time dream which I find a little odd but it results in the lawn being cut so who am I to judge). And to be honest, we buy what we want when we want it so with the exception to a new Mercedes convertible that I want we don't really want anything that we must have this Christmas. This Christmas is about the kids and teaching our son the true meaning of Christmas.

On that note, I did come up with a modest list for my darling Santa so that he would have some stocking stuffers ideas. Why hint and beat around the is my list and a copy of it is going to Santa's e-mail address. You can click on the pictures to go to the store where I found these items.

I'm not the most organized person but I strive to be as organized as I can be. I saw the author of this book on the Martha Stewart show and she seemed to have some good advice so hopefully I can learn something from her book. There was some mixed reviews so this would probably towards the bottom of my list but still a worthy mention.

And next are these slipper boots from Old Navy which I REALLY want. I bought myself some last year in a similar style and I loved them so much that I wore out the sole on them so I need some new ones. I think the ones I own are shorter but they these are pretty similar.

And who can have slipper boots without a cozy robe? I know I can't. In Arizona having a big cozy robe was a joke and it just wasn't needed but here in the Arctic, um, I mean North Dakota it's a must.

The Perfect Shower Cap is one of my must haves this year. When I work hard straightening out my curls I don't want a shower to mess that up. This shower cap is supposed to keep the humidity out.

Ok, so this Bible isn't out until March 2010 but it's still going on my wish list. I hardly have the time to shower these days (yes, I do shower) so this Bible is right up my alley.

Ok, so there you modest wish list.

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