Friday, December 18, 2009

finally got a little sewing done

It seems like I am always altering clothing and never sewing anything fun so when my husband was off work I took advantage of his help and got sewing.

I saved a pattern a while back for a simple fabric ball and so I pulled that out and made one for the baby with some scrap fabric I had. I added a bell to make it a bit more entertaining.

I also got a new purse done for myself with some Anna Maria Horner fabric I had been holding on to for a while. Sometimes I love the fabric so much I don't want to cut it. Crazy, huh? I used a Simplicity pattern for the bag and altered it a bit to work for me.
And last but certainly not least I made a car seat cover for the baby. We have a few different covers and they all rest on her face when closed which I am not crazy about so I drafted up this one. I made an opening for the handle and used a minky fabric to line it so that it would be warm.

That's probably all the sewing I will be doing until after Christmas but at least I got my fix.


Makara Weinstock-Conn said...

Lacy, OH MY GOSH, You are SO talented. I am envious of your abilities to sew at all, let alone make these amazing things. I absolutely love them all. Depending on the season for baby #2 I'll be coming back to hire you for a car seat cover!! Thanks for blogging!! You inspire me :)


Lacy said...

thank you Makara. I think sewing and crafting is like my personal therapy. lol