Sunday, December 6, 2009

weekend project

We bought our home last June and have been repainting, redecorating, and remodeling since. It's a good sized house and not one room was a color that we loved so it's been a lot of work.

One of the bathrooms (the one our guests use) has been really getting to me. It's one of those rooms that we decided to wait to redo because so much had to be redone. There is wallpaper on top of wallpaper, pink bathroom tiles, fluorescent lighting, and some plumbing and electrical fixes we want to make. So we just avoided doing anything to this bathroom until we wanted to do it all.

Well, I finally cracked last week. I couldn't take it anymore and I went out and bought some paint. It's an easy fix until we finally get around to redoing the whole bathroom.
Here is the before from when the previous owners lived here.
The lighting was awful with the dark walls and bright window so here is a close-up of the sponge painted walls, wallpaper border, and pink tile (not to mention the plumbing fixture we want to replace).
I am not gonna talk down about someone else's style but it's just not my style and I bet the previous owner was doing her best to work with the pink tiles. Oh, and so you know, the pink tiles are the next to go (says my husband).

So here is the room after I removed the wallpaper, primed it, and painted. Oh, and my favorite Pottery Barn shower curtain helped out a bit as well.

Like my stocking on the wall? I can finally decorate this room for the holidays (as long as it's a shade of pink, lol). What? You want another close up?

Well, there you have it. This quick fix cost me under $20 (bought the paint on sale) but the peace I get when in this bathroom is PRICELESS!

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Katt said...

ahhh the dreaded pink tile. The house we bought before we moved into state housing had pink and lime green tile in the bathroom. In a pattern like you would see black and white tile. Horrible.