Thursday, January 14, 2010

ikea or bust

Twice a year we make a trip out to Minneapolis for my son's doctor's appointment with Shriner's hospital (great hospital EVER). It's a good 5-6 hour trip for us and we always seem to go once in the summer and once in the winter. We are now approaching our winter trip which is great IF you don't have a 3 month old baby who doesn't travel all that well in the car. We are thinking it may end up being a 8 hour trip with all the stops we are preparing to do. Let's pray that she does well and we have a safe trip there and back.
One of the perks of going out to Minneapolis is the shopping. Hey, I live in a super small town with NO real stores and I miss it (soooo much) sometimes. One of my favorite stops is Ikea. Man, I love that place. Unfortunately, it's like we never really get enough time in that store and I always go home wishing I had bought something I didn't. That's life, right? So this time I am trying to go prepared. We have decided on some new dressers for our room (finally) since our last set has been damaged after moving 3 times. Aside from that we just need some organization stuff and random stuff I have been eying for a while. Here is my collage I put together with what I plan on getting. I am hoping that by taking this with me I will be better prepared and leave with everything I wanted.


Coco said...

I love that store. There are so many more things in the store than online.

Lacy said...

me too! I can spend the whole day at Ikea.