Saturday, January 23, 2010

busy body

I have done it again. As soon as there is any order in this house I decide it's time to paint, replace trim, or take on some monumental project. I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Maybe I strive for perfection or maybe I just enjoy the chaos.

As soon as we got back from Minneapolis (and still unpacking) I asked my husband if we could please start painting my craft room. We already had the paint and had some furniture to move in there (we bought new stuff from Ikea so the old stuff is finding a new home in my craft room) and the dark brown color in that room was really getting to me. Of course, being the fabulous husband he is, my man agreed and even painted half of it so far.

I went with the color Twilight (not because I love the series) which is a light blue. I think it'll brighten up the room.

This is our den (a.k.a. the man cave). My husband's cave has been taken over by all my craft stuff and there is limited walking space in this room until the deed (painting) is done. My goal is to get it done this weekend but it really all depends on these guys.

Please let mommy and daddy get the painting done, ok?

After this is done I will probably paint two more rooms/halls and then move on to making our new headboard for our bed. There is so much to do and so little time these days. I'm a busy body. It's a curse really.


La Diva Latina said...

I loathe painting..LOL the kids are gorgeous, and baby E is getting soooo BIG!

Lacy said...

Yeah, painting sucks but it makes such a huge difference. I hope to one day be done painting this house.