Wednesday, February 17, 2010

our new console table

I got hooked on Knock off Wood the first time I checked out that blog (thanks Kristin for letting me know about it).  She has a ton of plans for fantastic furnture that you would normally pay 10 times as much for from Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, etc.  I can't resist a good deal BUT...I also have never built a piece of furniture in my life.  Luckily I had my husband to help and we were both excited to figure it out.  We did however choose a pretty easy table.  It's the Rustic Modern Console Table.  Here is photo from her blog.

I mentioned in this previous post about how I wanted to build a set of small bookshelves from Knock off Wood but after seeing this table on her blog we decided it would work out better for our needs IF it had a shelf.
We decided paint it would keep it more modern. Here's a picture of the table before we painted it.

After talking to a friend who knows all about this building stuff I figured out how to add a shelf and modified the size to make the table a bit taller (taller than a little one's reach).  If this picture is confusing just scroll down for more pictures that I added later.

We used one 1x12x12, and one 1x12x8 pine board and had the kind associate at Lowe's cut it for us.  My total cost for the table alone (baskets not included) was $31.90 which includes paint (divided it up by 3 projects I am using the paint on), wood glue, and of course the wood.

The baskets were from Michael's and cost me about $20 for all 3 thanks to some coupons.  Never mind the cords in the picture...act like they aren't there, ok?  So my total for everything was $51.90!

That's about all the crafting I have in me for this week.  My mom is coming to visit from Arizona so I'll get back to work next week!

*Edited to add:*
I have been asked for better or more clear measurements so here is my sorry attempt at that.  If you need actual instructions for the original table go to Ana's instructions here.


La Diva Latina said...

Nice Job! Enjoy your moms visit!

Ana White said...

Thanks for sharing, Lacy! I think your console is MUCH better than the Better Homes and Garden one. Fabulous!

em-il-ie said...

WAY better than the original!
You ROCKED it!

Beth in CT said...

Very nice. I like it much better with the baskets.

Beth in CT said...

Very nice. I like it much better with the baskets.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

You did such a good job!!

~ Sarah

Lacy said...

thank you ladies!