Monday, April 19, 2010

new hair + other things

Well, since my title says it all, I guess that's all for now.

I kid, I kid...but I do like my new do.  Isn't it funny how just geting some highlights or a new haircut can make you feel so great.

I haven't posted in a while because all this snow
has finally melted and the grass is green.   Here is a picture from last year when we bought the house. 

I need to take a new picture soon because in no time our home will once again be covered in snow.  So now that the snow is gone (woo-hoo) we are spending countless hours outdoors getting our garden ready, doing yardwork, and playing.

Aside from playing outside I have started teaching sewing lessons to my 5 year old son who just HAD to sew up a pillow for his zhu zhu pet to sleep on.
Ok, I know I'm his mom and should praise all his many talents daily but I am gonna be completely honest when I say that he picked up sewing faster than some adults I have taught.  More importantly he enjoyed it and was so proud of himself.

Oh, and my sweet baby girl turned 6 months old since my last post.
Isn't she cute?  She's such a handful.  A very happy baby with a very short temper.  Isn't it amazing how God gives us so much patience, love, and endurance to make it through motherhood.  We're still not sleeping through the night but I am hopeful that she will sometime before college.

So that's what I've been up to.  I'm hoping to have some projects to share with you soon but I can't make any promises.

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