Saturday, May 1, 2010

after much review

So my husband read my blog and saw the photos I posted of the headboard he made and he was disappointed.  He thought the wall color and the headboard were too similar in color.  After he pointed that out I completely agreed but was at a loss for what to do next.  Do we paint an accent wall, paint the whole room again please say no, or wall paper?  He liked my 1st suggestion so we ran down to our local hardware store and picked out a gallon of their finest only $27 paint.

I am glad he suggested that we do this because it looks a lot better.  I am even tempted to change some more stuff around to match the new color but don't tell him that.  Poor guy is always working hard for me and my crazy ideas.

So now you can see the difference in color between the headboard and the wall.


Laurel said...

That looks great! You both are so talented!

Lacy said...

Thanks Laurel. I wish I could say it's talent but I think it's more dedication and luck on my part. Now my husband does have a knack for building.