Sunday, May 9, 2010

yard candy

My mailbox was rusted and the paint was chipping on the wood post.  It was in bad shape.  We started keeping an eye out for mailboxes on sale and fancy new posts as the snow started melting.  It was a good thing we started looking early because we scored big time.  We found our post at Lowe's for $18 (originally $79).  The actual mailbox was only about $11.  That's under $30 for a complete new mailbox!  But the mailbox still needed something to make it pop and since we saved so much money we decided to splurge a little and buy the vinyl address decal pictured above.  You can get yours here

I would share a picture with you of my actual mailbox but I prefer to keep my address private.  I chose the same font and color as pictured above and it looks great!  I really wanted to have the street name included beause we live on a street corner.  It was easy to install and has a 6 year outdoor lifespan (which is probably 4 years in ND weather).

Now it's time to plant some colorful flowers beside our new mailbox!

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